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Online Admission System For Education Institution

Speacially for Students Wishing To Study In Australia, UK, USA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA And EUROPE

The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the academic institutes abroad are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable.

Managing admissions can be a huge task for a university or institutions. There are the university/institution where entire admission process is handled manually, which is very slow and time-consuming. Now, it’s high time to leave behind such traditional processes and go with computerized automated student online admission system or e-Admission to speed up and make processes easy.

The online admission system integrates technology with the administrative/education process and is beneficial for both the institution and the students alike. It acts as a new achievement factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages.

Why Online Admission or e-Admission?

Every year, students in thousands stand in queues for collecting admission / application forms and then again for submitting the admission / application forms. This leads to problems in – managing the applications, handle queries, & distribution of forms, collection of forms and then short-listing the candidates resulting in annoyed parents and students alike. In addition to this, the admission process is not transparent, leading to possibility for widespread malpractice.

 The goal of ‘e-Admission System’ is to computerize the admission management system structure, its related operation, and functionality to rectify these weaknesses. Also, the purpose is to provide support to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent, and easy way of maintaining records and utilize them for reference and further proceedings.

Flow of e- Admission:

On entering e-Admissions at www.gateworldtech.com, it opens the screen with ‘Instructions to Applicant’ & ‘Notes’. Indeed, read the instruction/notes carefully wherever specified on online admission form.

Applicant can fill ‘Application Form ‘ by click on e-Admission facility to know the required information

There are various tabs such as programs offered, country selection, University selection,, Admission Information – Contact Us  to know more …….

Get your e-Visa in 3 easy steps

Step1: Initial Admission Process

Student online admission starts with tab ‘Apply Now’. Student collects all required information and document, check all the check boxes, and proceed for next step. Read the notes given on next screen. Enter the details in the respective fields and confirm the details. On confirmation, it generates applicant number. The credentials will be sent on registered email address. Applicant login to complete intermediate level process. The details such as Personal, Address Details, and educational Details will be entered through respective tabs. Select University, course, desired country, upload Photo, documents, and Signature. Application form can also be printed through this form

Step 2: Admission Panel

Authorized person access the form to receive the student details and to add the student in student list.

Step 3: Online student Report

Student can generate the online admission reports such as – Online Application Status.


Advantages of Online Admission System Software:

  • Works 24 X 7:
  • Minimizes time of processing – Because of no time limits, institutes admission process time is reduced.
  • Maximizes Availability – As it is online admission form, it allows candidates to fill application form at their convenient time.
  • No Geographical Boundary
  • Candidates can fill online application form from anywhere i.e. convenient place.
  • No Long Queues
  • Candidates don’t need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered, to get application form, and submit the same.
  • Man Power Saving – Institutes don’t need to assign additional security to manage huge crowd.
  • Less Paper Work :
  • Institutes no longer require printing & storing forms, then collecting and filing of form which results in not only cost saving but also man power saving
  • Only Eligible Candidate Can Apply
  • Minimizes Data Redundancy – Checks can be provided so that only eligible candidates can apply. Besides, the candidate data is to be entered only once.
  • Precise And Reliable
  • Very Precise and Reliable – The process is very precise and reliable due to limited human participation.
  • Dynamic And User Friendly
  • The entire process is very dynamic – any changes can be reflected in real time & will be immediately reached the candidates.
  • The process is simple & user friendly – similar to filing a form manually, the difference being use of keyboard instead of pen.
  • Customizable Real Time Reports
  • Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
  • Have day to day summary of progress of the admission.
  • Great Flexibility – Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design.

Features of Online Admission System:

Online Admission System is a web portal of admission for computerization of all pre and post admission activities of an Institution. The portal supports various modern technologies such as – Online Payment Gateway, auto SMS, and auto Email for student admission application and confirmation of admission.

It is a fully integrated multi-user system with full protection against unauthorized access. It provides secured, accurate, & timely information to users at all levels for better decision making.

How College/School Can Be Succeeded Through e-Admissions:

Admission process in colleges and school has become a very painful and tedious process. With the number of students increasing year and year, it has become essential for institutes to invest in a system that automates and streamlines the student admission system. By investing in a system like online admission system, college/school can be succeeded in various areas.

  • Man Power Saving – Institutes don’t need to allot additional manpower to manage heavy crowd.
  • No longer require printing & storing forms.
  • No longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.
  • Rapid & Flexible
  • Real-time reports & graphs for analysis

What is e-Admission?

  •  e-Admission is nothing but online admission where you can see the list of colleges that come under the e-Admission process
  • Various information such as name, address, contact details & detailed profile of different colleges coming under the e-Admission process can be obtained from the website
  • You will know when the forms are available
  • The common timeline for e-Admission is published on the website 
  • You can get an application form from any location
  • The Application Form can be accessed on the website gateworldtech.com along with the instructions which guides you to apply the form correctly.
  • You need to apply online through e-Admission System following the guidelines of the form, take print copies of the College/Institute Copy & Applicant Copy and can also submit at any of our nearest branches with the photo copies of the documents as mentioned in the College/Institute Copy.
  • You will come to know about the colleges before giving any options
  • You can access the Individual College Profiles available on the website and get various details such as streams available, cut-off percentage of last three years, availability of hostel & fees, admission fees, etc.
  • You can choose you option. An option is a combination of a particular Institutions, Country and preferred course. You should exercise your options in order of preference only i.e. the most preferred option to be opted first.
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