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22,000 Alumni,  4,500 Students a year,  160 partner international In Over 50 Countries,  87% Graduates Working

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Global Alliance Technology and Education International (G.A.T.E)

Global Alliance Technology and Education International (G.A.T.E)  is a recognized leader in international education. We provide exceptional service to students interested in studying Abroad. Based out of Australia and India, G.A.T.E is supported by a world-wide network of counselors and agency partners who assist thousands of students each year.

G.A.T.E Office of International Market Development is committed to the ongoing university-wide process of Internationalization. Our goal is to develop long-lasting partnerships with institutions worldwide in order to create valuable study, teaching and research opportunities. The Office of International Market Development strives to facilitate the transition for international students to study at our Partner Universities or Providers.

We know that choosing an Education consultant is a big decision.

There are several things to consider when choosing an education consultant to engage. Many people tell us that factors such as our level of experience and having set fees are important, but most of all, they want to feel ‘safe and secure

How does our guarantee work?

  • During your initial consultation, one of our experienced Admission and Study VISA Consultants will assess your circumstances to determine what study visa options are available to you.
  • If you are eligible for study visa options covered by our guarantee and we are confident you meet the criteria for the admission and/or study visa/permit, you will be offered our Guarantee

Of course visa is granted by immigration officials or visa officers but we use our past experience in assessing study visa applications, success rate and eligibility of the students before we apply for study visa and present your study visa case professionally to the concerned immigration/ embassy/ University/college authorities which increase the chances of study visa. 

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