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World University Rankings – Frequently Asked Questions

Speacially for Students Wishing To Study In Australia, UK, USA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA And EUROPE

o    How are universities assessed?
o    How can I use the rankings to help me to choose a university?
o    How much importance should I place on rankings when choosing a university?
o    How many universities are ranked?
o    When is the world university rankings released?
o    What makes a university eligible to be considered?
o    Why isn’t my chosen university featured in the world university rankings?
o    Are the world university rankings biased towards English-speaking universities?
o    Why are universities sometimes listed in a different order in other ranking tables?
o    Why rank colleges?
o    Are the rankings objective and fair?
o    Why are rankings helpful in choosing a college?
o    What measures of academic quality does websites use in its rankings?
o    Where does the data used in the rankings come from?
o    Which measure of quality is most important?

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